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The creation of the third Vredehammer full length album is well on it`s way to completion and is
expected to be released worldwide via Indie Recordings in January 2018. New members have also
been added to the reins in the form of guitarist Kristoffer “Asfodelos” Hansen and live bassist
“Wizziac”, known from the band “Keep of Kalessin”.
Preparations are being made for summer festivals and with the bands recent signing to “Flaming
Arts Booking and Management”, the time for Vredehammer to tour the material from their highly
acclaimed opus “Violator” has finally come.
Vredehammer was originally formed as a solo project by the bands frontman Per Valla in march
2009. Valla released three EP`s from 2010 to 2013 via small underground record labels before he
in 2014 finally added members to the band, got signed to a bigger label (Indie Recordings) and
made Vredehammer a full touring band.
Since then Vredehammer has toured as co-headliner with Six Feet Under, Satyricon, Keep of
Kalessin and Vreid, in addition to doing their own headlining tour through Europe in october 2014.
With their highly acclaimed debut album “Vinteroffer”, Vredehammer instantly made themselves
known as a force to be reckoned with in the Norwegian metal scene. One album in and the band
was already nominated for “metal album of the year” through the Norwegian Grammys. This
resulted in appearances on TV, several festival appearances and massive radio attention.
While working on the second Vredehammer release, frontman Vallas talent was picked up by the
band “Abbath”, and he was quickly enrolled as their first session lead guitarist in 2015 where he
stayed for 6 months touring the world as a full time professional musician before his passion for his
own band Vredehammer made him decide to leave his position in the supergroup and fully focus
on his own band. This experience resulted in the most noticeable Vredehammer-release so far:
Vredehammer’s combination of aggressive guitars and masterful songwriting has already rewarded
the band with a loyal fanbase around the world, which grows bigger and stronger every day.

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