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The Mortuary Drape born in 1986 for the purpose of a core group of three people of which only one (Wildness Perversion) falls still in training. The music and inspirational directives in which the original components are oriented are ‘black metal’ animated by a esoteric necromantic power both in the texts for the visual impact: baptize so ‘their style as’ black-occult metal’ .
The following year, 1987, they released the first demo-tape Necromancy collecting good responses in most intransigent underground scene, demos and ‘destined to become in the years a genuine cult-demo for fans of the genre.
The period from 1988 to the first half ‘of 1991 sees the stabilization of the line-up of three elements, and then publish a second demo entitled’ Doom return ‘. From 1991 he begins the first contacts with labels (including foreign) for possible cotratto record; In fact, a little later, the group begins with the first release on CD entitled ‘Into the drape’ for the Greek label Decapitated rec. followed by participation in the compilation ‘Wine of Satan’ for Spellbound (another Greek label) as the only Italian band present on ‘LP. Of note also that this term and ‘marked by an abrupt change of training to 80% where the only element left, and founder’ Wildness Perversion covering the dual role of drummer-entry. In 1994 he came out the second record production titled ‘All the witches dance’ for Unisound rec. In 1995 it will reach a new compilation that collects all groups of Unisound stable; always in this year it is reprinted compilation ‘Wine of Satan’ on CD by the German Soundphaze under license from Spellbound. In June 1996, ‘Mourn path’ mini-CD sets another goal for the band that after positive responses participates in many metal festivals or important events in Italy and abroad including a tour in Europe of fifteen dates promoting the whole repertoire of band. In October of 1996, exactly ten years after the birth of Mortuary Drape together with the output of the new album ‘Secret Sudaria’ (eleven songs), training is renewed at 80% but this time ‘with the entry of all founding members.
For years after to spend 1996 in further troubled so with regard to the line-up changes with the rotation of many musicians close to the only two founding members Wildness Perversion and Without Name.
It thus ends’ to 1999 where training is stabilized thus giving ‘the possibility’ to components to create and work on drafting of the new songs that make up the soul of the new album titled ‘Tolling 13 knell’ for the label Avantgarde Music . The album contains 10 new songs and ‘was published in late 2000 after a few months away from the double vinyl version with 4 bonus tracks published by Iron Pegasus under license from Avantgarde. After the making of the album and a handful of dates in support of it (such as the festival Darkness upon Italy with Carpathian Forest and Italian date of No Mercy 2001) begins a new radical revolution of the line-up of the band: in fact all members except Wildness Perversion and Left-Hand Preacher (now switched to guitar) left the band in 2001. Fortunately, after a short while and ‘immediately ready a new formation: Wildness Perversion- voice; Left-Hand Preacher- guitars, backing vocals; and the three newcomers: Seeker of the Unknown- guitars, backing vocals; Arcane of Veiled low Light-, choirs; War Machine Helgast- drums, choirs.
In June 2003 also Left-Hand Preacher leaves the band for personal reasons (Left thank HP for their cooperation) and is replaced in ‘August of the same year by the new rhythm guitarist and soloist CRUEL ABBOT. In the remaining six months of 2003, the Band presents the new component in the three dates (one in place of the only Italian concert of Shiining) and is able to carry out even the drafting, completion and the rearrangement of the songs for the new CD planned for 2004. at the end of ‘year 2003 we are reissued on CD two old demo of Mortuary Drape “Necromancy 1987” and “Doom Return 1989”, packed in a box with the original completely new graphics, the label in charge to give life these two products is called Wild Prod. in June 2004, the Drape entered the studio at the Alpha Omega Blevio (CO) and with the collaboration of Alex Azzali (Ancient, Cataract) start recording the new album titled Buried in Time , recording sessions and mixing lasts until September 04, the band and ‘also very pleased with the work done by Cruel Abbot who collaborated in producing the film. 20 November 2004 comes Buried in Time (Avantgarde music) CD ‘consists of 11 tracks of pure Mortuary Drape style.
The band is preparing for the presentation of the new CD by organizing promotional dates in Italy and abroad accumulating good responses from all spectators attended the show; the reviews in magazines and web zines are excellent, managing to get high ratings in Europe and the United States. At the end of January 2005 it was released the vinyl version of Buried in Time (Wild Prod.), Printed in 666 copies with new graphics of which only 166 in colored vinyl with a double cover. Nell ‘summer of 2006 the band faces another change of line-up, the drummer Helgast resignation and auditions for a replacement immediately spring open.
In the year 2007 the band plays in various European festivals participating in the Anti-Christ Crusade tour, 13 dates that affect Europe; Matt and Simone playing as a session respectively on drums and rhythm guitar.
In 2008, other dates in Europe and a mini 4 gigs in Finland, The Crucifixion Tours; on this occasion play our old drummer IORR and the new guitar player Abysmal Wizard.
In June 2009 the band suffers a sudden upheaval and Wildness Perversion is the only member of the band focuses on its own in the drafting and arrangements of the successor of “Buried in Time”.
Between 2009 and 2012 WP decides to sign several agreements with some foreign labels in the Italica Iron Tyrant Records for reprinting different historical material with additions of new songs and live tracks …… of the old records requests are constantly increasing and are realized 20 several productions both CD and Vinyl / LP in multiple types of packaging … .. wooden caskets, boxes, etc. special.
Hand in hand with these outputs the line-up is regenerated with new musicians and sounds again around the world by participating in several European festivals and a mini-tour of 4 show in Brazil in the company of the Swedish band Watain ……. In May 2012 are also in demand as a special guest at the Maryland Death Fest (USA).
In July 2012 there is yet another change of line-up and to the side of DC, SC and SR (already in the band since 2010) adds MB as the new drummer of Drape.
In the last months of 2012 the band entered the studio to begin the recordings of the new CD in pure style Mortuary Drape, a return to the sounds of the past is guaranteed thanks to the new line-up that is completely lowered into the part, for the ‘Wild occasion he worked both in vocals that battery.
In January 2013 also the label Peaceville English contact the band to offer a reprint of the last two records released previously for the old label Avantgarde Rec. … .. Reprints are planned for the first half of the year, even in this case the two securities “Tolling 13 Knell” and “Buried in Time” is completely remastered and enriched with bonus tracks and unreleased photos with new artwork personally edited by Wildness Perversion.
In September 2013 are the ultimate recording and mixing the new album and everything is ready after finishing the burning toward the end of the same year, unfortunately due to multiple live commitments the band is forced to cancel the release, the dates and foreign investments in many foreign festivals commit themselves to such an extent that you are unable to cope with the search for the label for the new CD.
It is up to the month of April 2014 where the opportunity presents itself to take a tour in South America touching Brazil, Chile, Peru and Ecuador, the return of the tour we begin to identify what might be the right direction to record the new album and he decides to continue working with the Iron Tyrant that same year passes to the prints of “Spiritual Independence”, a return to origins with the typical atmosphere of Drape.
For the remaining months of 2014, the band continues to promote the new album by participating in several concerts and in 2015 won other good investments in various festivals including the Inferno Fest in Oslo, Live Evil in London and in November well two concertos for two consecutive evenings at Martyrdoom fest in New York which is the beginning of a tour of North America along with the band and Mgla Sangus, the tour receives a good number of visitors and this time touching cities like Detroit, Boston, Milwaukee , Columbus, Chicago and for the second time we return to Baltimore.
Upon returning from the US tour is published by the German label Funeral Industries a split (CD / LP) with the band Necromass, the side dedicated to Drape is titled “Dance of Spirits” this new production contains 2 new songs + 2 old version songs live.
The recording of the new songs was made during the year 2015 while the live tracks were extrapolated from the concert of the Italian Gama Metal festival held in August 2014.
On 21 November 2015 (the date of publication of this split) takes place on the presentation concert together with Necromass and soon after the band is ready to tackle two other festivals, the “Necromancy Fest” in Milan and “Metallic X-Mas Fest” to Monaco (DE) thus concluding the year 2015.
Stay tuned to the news about the band’s future, 2016 is the year that marks 30 years of the Drape, we are working hard to secure new surprises concerts and record.
Stay tuned.

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