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Brisbane 5 piece metal outfit “In Death…” are an eclectic mix of styles and training and as such, fall into no sub-genre in today’s metal market. Fans of metal or not, all are blown away by each unforgettable groove laden, bass filled wave and augmented nastiness courtesy of face melting twin guitar attack and a vocal style that can only be described as “a berating”.

From humble beginnings in 2008 “In Death…” made the stage their home and as they pushed the boundaries of their own unique style, they quickly developed a cult following in their hometown of Brisbane. Enter 2010 and “In Death…” released their self-funded, self-produced, self-titled EP; a 7 track insight into the ability, inner drive and potential this collective had harnessed and what was on the horizon for this band.

2013 saw the unleashing of the strong and well produced EP THANATOS; an EP that is a cut above the rest with its obviously-professional and well-seasoned production. Mixed and mastered by ex-Machine Head/Soulfly guitarist Logan Mader (producer of some of metal’s finest albums such as Soulfly ‘Omen’, Devildriver ‘Pray for Villains’, Five Finger Death Punch ‘The Way of the Fist’, Fear Factory ‘The Industrialist’, etc.) THANATOS received rave reviews by fan and critic alike and also saw “In Death…” successfully tour Australia in its entirety for the first time.

2016 will see a new level of brutality, lifting the bar again, as K.G – Skin Punishment, Krugga – Throat, Danika Ruohonen – Bass Abuse, Ray RAH RAH Temperley & Brian “Jimmi” Page – Shred, are in the LAB, well and truly in the processes of creating a beast much greater than the Leviathan that was 2013’s ‘THANATOS’ . 2015 is also the year that saw In Death… tour internationally. So, be prepared as this is not a reprieve; it is In Death…

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