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Holocaust was born in 2003 as a one man band by Ragnark Krieg.  Through the decade and it’s countless shows, Holocaust arrives in the present as a duo member band.  Founding member Ragnark commands guitars and vocals.  Valkyrik Golgothas the completing half of Holocaust commands Battery.  In 2012 Holocaust released a full length album entitled “Hatred Unleashed” by an independent label from the Nederlands named Svartglaph. Holocaust’s musical themes involve: paganism, occultism, misanthropy, nature, and satanic propaganda. Holocaust has created a unique style through marrying Native American and Nordic Germanic ideologies in unholy Satanic matrimony. Holocaust does not hold or promote any political views or any subjects related to the same term. The meaning behind the name stands for rebelling against the shallow surface facades of the mundane world.


In the earlier  years the band went through multiple changes as far as lineups, thus being the priority to find the right members that follow the same ideology with the same musical concepts.

During those years the band performed shows with the session members from other local bands and they were really pleased to contribute to Holocaust needs. Ragnark continues performing a long side session members that give recognition to the band in the local scene.  Ragnark recorded all instruments and used a session drummer  for  hatred unleashed full length album and two demos that were never released.

In 2016 Holocaust released their second album entitled “Obscurum Satanic Rites”. The album was produced by an Brazilian independent label Pagan War Distro. The band has had a long journey recording this album yet we were still able to conquer completing the album after a year. Even though there were some issues during the recording process due to traveling distance and personal obligations, nothing has stopped the band from finishing it. During the recording session the band was able to perform multiple events within the US black metal scene and are now  ready to embark new horizons. The band is yet in process of finishing the third album which thou shall be called “Blood Of Kings”.


Holocaust is ready to continue this legacy to bring more darkness to the world with the release of the third album that will be out this year 2017.

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